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Oct 3, 2023

Updates From the World of Recycling | September

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WasteTrade is Nominated for Three MRW National Recycling Awards


  • We’re delighted to share our nominations for three MRW National Recycling Awards, underscoring our commitment to excellence in waste management.
  • Our ‘Team of the Year’ nomination symbolises our innovative contributions to environmental sustainability and showcases us as pioneers in the sector’s digital transformation.
  • The ‘Digital Innovation’ nomination represents our dedication to improving waste management through our unique, efficient digital platform.
  • ‘Rising Star’ nominee, George Kiernan, is recognised for his ground-breaking strategies, significantly enhancing WasteTrade’s online presence and brand reputation.

WasteTrade Exhibited at Plast 2023 in Milan


  • WasteTrade made a significant impact at Plast 2023 in Milan, experiencing the forefront of plastics innovation.
  • The event was hugely successful! We encountered many innovative individuals and businesses, and amplified awareness about our marketplace’s role in advancing a circular economy.
  • Excitingly, we’ve secured hundreds of new registrations on WasteTrade post-event, highlighting a substantial demand for sustainable industry solutions.
  • Thanks to everyone who engaged with us at our stand and through meetings; your insights have enriched our outlook and opened doors to prospective collaborations.

WasteTrade Exhibited at Interplas UK in Birmingham


  • Post-Plast 2023, WasteTrade continued to make strides at Interplas UK in Birmingham, enhancing its presence in the plastics industry.
  • The event enabled crucial networking, laying foundations to source thousands more tonnes of material for our users, meeting the growing demand on our platform.
  • The event spurred increased engagement, with over a hundred new sign-ups, reflecting the rising interest in sustainable waste trading among professionals.
  • Meeting current users in person and hearing how WasteTrade has been beneficial provided invaluable insights and reaffirmed our platform’s positive impact in fostering sustainable industry practices.

55% Large Businesses Commit to Circularity, Yet Don’t Make the Change


  • Bain & Company’s study shows 55% of large firms express commitments to circular practices, but a prevailing linear mindset hinders full integration into operations, with 25% having no circular commitments.
  • The study finds many enterprises focus mainly on recycling and waste management, overshadowing the essential broader acceptance and innovations necessary for a genuine circular economy, including product longevity and reduction of virgin material use.
  • Bain advises companies to focus on reducing virgin material usage, extending product lifespans, offering repair alternatives, and exploring diverse business models and innovative sales strategies to elevate product utilisation.
  • Click here to read the full story.

WasteTrade is Now Trading Metals

  • WasteTrade has successfully expanded its trading capabilities to include metals, already facilitating transactions for steel and aluminium cans, reflecting the marketplace’s versatility and growing demand.
  • The platform is experiencing a surge in enquiries for substantial quantities, with deals underway, including one for up to 1,000 tonnes per month, indicating a significant market interest in metal trading through WasteTrade.
  • To manage the influx and oversee the proliferation of metal commodities on the platform, WasteTrade has appointed a specialist Metal Commodities Manager, ensuring expert handling and sustained growth in this sector.

September Deals Facilitated by WasteTrade

  • September saw WasteTrade successfully facilitate many deals between late producers and recyclers, as well as between recyclers and manufacturers.
  • A notable part of this month’s activity included the transaction of a 6-load deal of HDPE bottles from the UK.
  • Additionally, a huge deal was made with a blue HDPE Drum manufacturer for up to 40-50 containers per month, underlining the potential WasteTrade has for furthering the cause of achieving a circular economy.
  • Click here to view the WasteTrade marketplace.

Career Opportunities with WasteTrade

  • WasteTrade is eager to expand its sales team and is currently looking for a Sales Director, Sales Executives, and Sales Support Staff to drive growth and enhance customer relationships.
  • We’re also seeking talented individuals specialising in both front-end and back-end web development as well as cybersecurity experts to fortify our systems and advance the user experience, ensuring robust data protection.
  • Additionally, we are looking to enhance our user support by recruiting multilingual support staff, with a particular interest in individuals fluent in Arabic, Spanish, and German, to strengthen our global user support services.
  • Click here to view the WasteTrade vacancies page.

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