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About Us

WasteTrade is a pioneering new online marketplace that connects the producers, recyclers and manufacturers of waste material globally. On the WasteTrade platform you can browse our live material listings and filter by preferences, whether that’s location, quantity, volume or to find a specific grade of material or recycled product.

WasteTrade’s innovative features will calculate shipping costs, compliance, documents, exchange rates and carbon footprint all at the click of a button. WasteTrade has partnered with the artificial intelligence tool ThinkCarbon to provide carbon footprint analysis of any proposed deals prior to agreement and to allow for informed and carbon-efficient decision making.

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Our Mission

In recent years our concern for the trajectory our climate is heading in has been growing. The breaking point for us was the publication of the highly alarming IPCC 2021 report that stated beyond any doubt the urgency of the situation surrounding climate change. Confronted by the scientific consensus around the climate emergency we are in, we could not sit by and watch as the world around us changes for the worse.

The IPCC report made it clear: We need to make drastic changes without delay if we hope to succeed in limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C. Despite the immediacy of the problem, we could not see any real effort being made to hold the global economy accountable for the emissions it produces. A great deal of irreversible damage has already been done to the environment, but if we act now then we have the power to prevent the worst of it.

Meet the team

Bevin Tumulty


Beginning her career in law and property valuation has allowed Bevin to build a sound knowledge around processes and compliance. She has been nurtured in the end of life vehicle industry from a tender age as part of her other family business. This ignited her passion for recycling. Bevin has worked extensively in the waste industry in Ireland and England before founding the Let’s Recycle It group and has been a stellar figure in European recycling projects and companies for over a decade.

John McKenna


John is an award-winning chemical engineer and the co-founder of the Let’s Recycle It group. He has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry and industrial gasses. John is very technically proficient in the constantly evolving nature of recycling and partnered with Bevin has been a key player in the development of major recycling and production enterprises throughout the UK and Europe.

Our Vacancies

Waste Trade Career Opportunities

If you share our passion for sustainability, circular economics and combatting climate change, then you could be the next addition to the WasteTrade team. Working with us gives you the chance to make a real contribution in the fight against the climate crisis as part of a forward-thinking team of committed individuals.


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Latest News

Single Use Plastic Plates and Cutlery To Be Banned In England

Single Use Plastics Single use plastic plates, cutlery and other items are set to be banned in England from October 2023; this action is part of England’s 25 Year Environment Plan (2018), which aims to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042. According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the ban…

January 19, 2023

5 mins read

WasteTrade | 2022: A Year In Review

As Christmas and the new year get closer, we have decided to take this opportunity to reflect on 2022 and look back at everything we achieved in our first full year. 2022 is the WasteTrade’s first full calendar year, and to say it has been an eventful one would be an understatement. At the beginning…

December 22, 2022

5 mins read

Energy Prices 2022

Energy Prices 2022 | What the Energy Price Crisis Means for Recycling In the UK and Europe

Energy Price Rise It will come as news to no one that Europe is battling an extreme energy price rise. There are many contributing factors to this, such as the general economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 spending. Also, power generators that were shut down during the pandemic due to diminishing demand for energy could not…

October 4, 2022

5 mins read

The Big Sustainability Expo 2022

WasteTrade Are Sustainability Champions | The Big Sustainability Expo 2022

Last week on Thursday 22nd September, WasteTrade exhibited at The Big Sustainability Expo 2022. This event brought together leaders in corporate sustainability from all sectors of the economy. We had the opportunity to meet with many different individuals and businesses to discuss what we at WasteTrade, together with ThinkCarbon, are doing to change the world…

September 29, 2022

5 mins read