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Acrylic Recycling

Buy & Sell Acrylic plastic worldwide at WasteTrade.  We specialise in Acrylic Recycling in the UK, where you get the best prices for your Acrylic plastic scrap materials


Acrylic Recycling

Acrylic Recycling

clear plastic acrylic for recycling

Acrylic recycling can be both lucrative and environmentally friendly when it is done through the WasteTrade marketplace. We have a global userbase that are fully vetted before being given access to our marketplace, offering a far greater exposure of your materials to potential buyers. This increased exposure will make your scrap materials available to far more acrylic recycling facilities than they ever could be while using traditional brokerage services.

This will not only make the process of acrylic recycling quicker and easier for you, but it will also give you the power to choose the best offers for yourself. You are no longer dependent on trusting waste brokers to offer you prices representative of the true value of your materials, nor do you have to worry that your materials are being sent to an unethical end user. You see the true price the buyer is willing to pay, and you know they have been verified by the WasteTrade vetting process.

Creating your account on the WasteTrade marketplace is completely free and we do not charge fees or take commissions on material sold on the platform. You get to keep the money that you sell your materials to acrylic recycling plants for, rather than sharing it with a third party.

Recycling Acrylic
Recycle Acrylic
Recycling Acrylic Scrap

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    Frequently asked questions

    Acrylic is a lightweight material that is resistant to UV and impact, is an excellent insulator and is easy to heat-form. These properties make it a popular choice for items such as medical equipment, furniture, security barriers, LCD screens, false nails and lenses. Acrylic also has high clarity, which means it is also often used for things like windows and tanks.

    Acrylic is made from the monomer acrylonitrile. Acrylonitrile is made through a process called ‘ammoxidation’, in which ammonia, propylene and air are combined in the presence of catalysts. Acrylonitrile is then polymerised into Acrylic.

    There are many advantage of using acrylic over other materials. For example, acrylic has incredibly high levels of optical clarity, making it transparent enough for use in products like window panes. It is also extremely resistant to changes in temperature, to many different chemicals and to impact. Additionally, it is very lightweight and is easy to work in precision machining. The fact that it is also recyclable is the cherry on the cake.

    Acrylic is a type of plastic; acrylic has its own set of unique properties that makes it an ideal material for many applications, as well as a suboptimal choice for many others. Acrylic is highly transparent, extremely stiff and strong, it is easy to work with in fabrication and is easy to thermoform, it bonds well with adhesives and is highly weather resistant.

    Acrylic is a very inexpensive material, making it an excellent choice for when keeping costs low is a necessity. It is much cheaper than glass, which is why it is a popular alternative for windows and exhibit enclosures.