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Need help registering with WasteTrade?  Follow our handy step-by-step guide on how to get registered, it's quick and easy and you'll soon be buying and selling materials from all around the globe.

How to Add a Listing

Looking to sell waste materials?  Listing your waste materials on WasteTrade couldn't be easier.  Follow this step by step guide to list your materials today

How to Place a Bid

Looking to source waste materials?  On WasteTrade it's simple and place a bid on a variety of different waste materials sourced from all around the globe.

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Before you start:
Make sure there is good lighting to showcase your material
Move any other materials that are not on offer out of the way, so its not mixed in with the load so you capture your material in one area as a whole stock
Make sure all bales are side facing to show all the layers of the bales
Do not capture any of your company signage or other companies in the photos
You can crop if required to cut out the ground, sky or any un-necessary areas, this feature is available when you upload materials

Photo format:

The stock image, take a photo from the side of the whole available load of bales
Take a photo of around 4 bales from the left of the load, ensuring bales are side on
Take another photo of around 4 bales from the right of the load, again making sure they are side on
Take photos of 2-3 bales from various areas
Take individual photos of bales
Any contamination in the bales would also be useful to photograph

Note: all photos of bales should be from the side to show the layers of materials