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Once sold, material listings on the WasteTrade marketplace become available to our hauliers.

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Current Opportunities

Material Pickup Location Destination Packaging No. Loads Weight Per Load Delivery Window
LDPE Film 90.10 United Kingdom Spain Bales 1 20 MT 10-11-2023 - 22-12-2023
HDPE Wheelie Bin Regrind United Kingdom United Kingdom Bags 2 22 MT 13-11-2023 - 30-12-2023
PC Regrind - Jazz United Kingdom United Kingdom Bags 1 10 MT 23-11-2023 - 30-11-2023
LDPE Film 90.10 United Kingdom Spain Bales 5 20 MT 20-11-2023 - 08-12-2023
LDPE Film 98.2 United Kingdom Polska Bales 1 24 MT 13-11-2023 - 30-11-2023

Frequently asked questions

WasteTrade is an online marketplace for the global waste industry. We bring both waste producers and processors and waste together in a supportive virtual environment to make dealing in waste commodities as easy and profitable as possible.

To get started on WasteTrade, you must first complete the registration process. Once you have submitted your information and we have reviewed and verified it, you will have full access to the WasteTrade marketplace. You can list your own waste materials for sale or place bis on the listings of other users; once you agree to a deal, sit back and let WasteTrade handle the transport, the compliance and the payments.

Using WasteTrade makes recycling waste commodities easier and more profitable, therefore serving as an incentive for businesses to recycle their scrap materials. As well as increasing the amount of waste that is recycled, thanks to partnership with ThinkCarbon, WasteTrade offers full carbon footprint visibility.

The global waste industry presents many barriers to businesses trying to recycle their materials, including: Compliance and regulation issues, transport and secure payments. As WasteTrade handles all of these issues, it has never been easier or more rewarding for businesses to ethically dispose of their waste.

On WasteTrade, buyers and sellers have full access to our marketplace. For sellers, we offer your materials exposure to our approved end users all around the world, increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable buyer. For buyers, we provide you the opportunity to source waste commodities from all around the world, increasing the availability of materials. For both parties, we organise transport, provide secure payments and ensure adherence to regulations.

With WasteTrade, your money is safe; as we secure payments from buyers before releasing the sellers materials.