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Apr 26, 2022


Group 523

Owing to decades of over-production and over-consumption around the world, we are facing a climate catastrophe. Globally, we produce over 2 billion tonnes of waste every year; that number is forecast to increase to 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050. Billions of tonnes of waste every year are handled in ways that cause harm to and pollute the natural environment.

The waste industry is stuck in the past and the old ways of doing things are failing us. Waste Trade, in partnership with Think Carbon, is here to open up a new path to us; we have created a new pioneering technological solution that will spark the great waste revolution.

Waste Trade and Think Carbon are making the goal of a fully circular global economy with net zero waste and net zero carbon emissions a realistic and achievable one. The profit-centric model that we use now is destroying our planet and we are offering the environmentally conscious solution.

The waste industry is fraught with challenges; the excessive amounts of red tape involved in handling waste ethically and sustainably only encourages businesses to neglect these aspects and chase profits. However, with the introduction of Waste Trade into the industry, these obstacles are removed.

Through Waste Trade, selling and transporting recyclable materials will become much more fluid, as our platform guides you through the process from beginning to end. With the increased efficiency and elimination of human error, Waste Trade saves you money while saving the environment.

Thanks to Think Carbon, waste generators, collectors and processors are now able to factor the carbon footprint of any deal they are considering into their decisions making. Businesses will for the first time be fully informed of the environmental implications of their waste management strategies.

We are bringing a new way of thinking in how we look at waste, how we handle it and how we use it. Waste Trade is a game changing technology platform that is shifting the landscape of the global waste industry forever.

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