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Apr 26, 2022

Kohlenstoff denken

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Think Carbon is a new project tasked with combatting the excessive levels of carbon emissions being produced around the world. Owing to decades of over-consumption, we are facing a climate catastrophe. However, it is not too late for us to make the important changes we need to make for the sake of our future.

Think Carbon is here to help businesses understand the impact they have on the environment; if we can imagine the level of emissions produced by haulage and freight from just some of the world’s largest companies, such as coca cola, or Shell, or Procter & Gamble, then we can begin to understand the scope of the task before us. However, with the introduction of Think Carbon into the global economic landscape, then making environmentally conscious and carbon-reducing decisions becomes a great deal easier.

The Think Carbon project came into being after the founders became too concerned with the effects that current transport practices are having on the environment to sit by and allow it to continue. Over 30 million tonnes of goods are shipped around the world on a daily basis with nothing in place to hold these industries to account for the resulting carbon emissions. Obviously, products need to be shipped; we are not trying to convince the world not to use products anymore, but to provide businesses and nations with the tools to move their goods in the most carbon-efficient way.

We are seeing both businesses and governments around the world adopt green agendas to move in a more sustainable, carbon neutral direction. Individual countries like the UK, Germany and China are taking the initiative on their own to restructure their economies along more eco-friendly lines. More importantly, the world’s largest intergovernmental bodies, such as the UN and EU, are also making these same decisions, only on a continental and even global scale.

The Think Carbon project has been created to facilitate countries and companies making these changes, as well as to encourage even more to be done. Ultimately, our goal is two-fold: To make sustainable, carbon neutral business models economically viable and to create a fully future proof global economy.

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